Lindsay Errichetto

Executive Director

Denise Main

Family Services Director

Amelia Silver

Development Director

Sarah Butterfield

Administrative Director

Kelly Belville

CIS Coordinator

Amy Bull

Early Care and Education Assistant Teacher

Lesley Burdick

Early Care and Education Teacher

Nikki Bushika

Early Care and Education Teacher

Melissa Delmolino

Family Advocate

David Flight

Employment Coordinator

tiffany gaghich

Administrative Assistant

Caitlin Harrington
Youth Development Program Coordinator

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Laura Mack

Teen Parent Education Program Coordinator

Laurie Metcalfe

Early Care and Education Program Coordinator

Sharon Millette

Early Care and Education Floater

Rose Morrison

CIS Child Care Coordinator


Family Supportive Housing Coordinator


Ashley Paquin

BCCCA-Subsidy Specialist

Lori Pinsonneault

BCCCA Coordinator

CArli Scribner

Family Advocate

Lauryn Starkie-Kreuder

Reach Up Case Manager


Early Care and Education Teacher

Michelle Weyers

Parent Offerings & AHS Service Coordinator;

CIS Family Support Worker

Rita Yarnal

Early Care and Education Assistant Teacher

Terry Yavaniski

Children and Families Mental Health Specialist


Family Advocate

Our Staff

A Vermont Parent-Child Center Serving Families in Bennington County

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