2018 Annual Gift Ask Letter

A Vermont Parent-Child Center Serving Families in Bennington County

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Dear Friend of Sunrise

Sunrise Family Resource Center is well known for our on-site Accredited, Early Care and Education Program providing high quality child care for children 6 weeks to 3 years old.  We are also well known for our Opportunities Program which is our alternative high school degree program for pregnant and parenting teens and youth.  What is perhaps less well known are the many other services we offer to all Bennington County Families.  For the past 32 years we have been helping to keep families safely together by providing home-based services.  We are proud of our Housing Program which helps homeless families find safe and stable housing.  We offer play groups, parenting classes, support groups and assistance in establishing employment.  We assist foster care youth in transitioning to independent living… and still so much more!

Last year we provided services to over 2,000 children, adults and families.  We provided child care financial assistance for 675 families.  We enrolled 23 families in our Early Care and Education Program and facilitated professional development opportunities for over 150 early childhood professionals.  We provided intensive strength based crisis case management for 55 families and identified and worked with 166 children who required ongoing developmental support and coordination of services.  Our Youth Development Coordinator offered case management for 40 young people transitioning out of Foster Care.  Our housing coordinator supported 14 families out of homelessness.

Sunrise has been in the business of strengthening families for almost 50 years.  All of our essential services are provided at no cost to families and this is where we need your help.  By investing in our children and their families now, you are investing in our community’s future.  Research has shown that young children who receive prevention programs and services in their early years’ experience a decrease of multiple risk factors and health concerns in their teens and throughout adulthood.    By contributing today, you will be joining our effort to strengthen families in our community and your donation is fully tax deductible.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season,


Denise Main                                                                             

Executive Director

​Your gift directly helps families from throughout Bennington County...Any donation-large or small makes a difference!

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Sunrise is a 501 ( c ) (3 ) not for profit charity as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Code, and as such your contribution to Sunrise is fully tax-deductible.