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​​Latest News

Bowl for Sunrise---May 25th at the Bennington lanes

With the energetic support of NSK, Tiffany and Matt Gaghich, and donations from Walmart, Hannaford, Perfect Nails, Laura Bull, Lori Pinsonneault, Denise Main, Caitlin Harrington, Anytime Fitness and Chili's, Sunrise staff, families and friends filled the bowling alley (UCS was there too) and raised over $1400! 

MOTHER'S DAY 2017.Every year we invite friends and family to celebrate Mother's day by honoring a special mother with a donation to Sunrise. 

Mother's Day Honorees:

Wes and Anne Mook in honor of: 

Haley, Kendra and Crystal

the mothers of their grandchildren

Kathy Cichanowski in honor of:

Katie Cichanowski

Courtney Ledger

Stacey New in memory of her mother Jane L. New

Steve Love in honor of:

Cindy Love

Kate Craft

Lori Pinsonneault in memory of her mama Bela Harbour Fifield

Lisa Ellis in honor of:

Patty Duffy

Claudia Ellis
Barbara Heinen
Bev Heinen

Lacy Smith in honor of Susan Plante
Erika Swartz in honor of Elizabeth Swartz
Kay Trafton in honor of Marty Barclay
Anne Mele in honor of Loretta Mele
Suzanne Buchsbaum in honor of Sally Robinson

Laurie Metcalfe in honor of:
Ruth Metcalfe
Margy Boulet

Amelia Wood Silver in honor of:
Miriam Silver
Caroline Myran
Tulianna Garces

and in memory of her mama Nancy Tate Wood

Denise Main in honor of Patricia 

Jon Goodrich in honor of:
Julie Noyes
Danielle Goodrich
Debby Chishom

Susan Stevens
Jan Goodrich
Ruth Fucci
Nancy Lolli
Sarah Goodrich Grangien

Sarah Noyes

Joe Holt in honor of Shirley Holt
Jenica McEvoy in honor of Martha Beauchamp

​ GRANTS NEWS: Sunrise, in partnership with Shires Housing, Inc has been awarded a Family Supportive Housing Grant from the Office of Economic Opportunity, to provide intensive support, case management and assistance to chronically homeless families in Bennington County....Rick Morse has just joined the staff at Sunrise as Family Supportive Housing Coordinator.  If you want to learn more about housing opportunities for homeless families, you can reach him at 442-0014 or rmorse@sunrisepcc.com. 5/9/17

Thank you to those who supported our Back to School Fundraiser.  With your support we raised $669.00 to help families with back to school items!

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